By: PWHL Toronto Media

April 5, 2024


Emma Keenan attended the Okanagan Hockey Academy before heading to Clarkson University where she won two NCAA Championships. After school, she spent time in the SDHL and PHF. Blayre Turnbull played at Shattuck St. Mary’s before heading to the University of Wisconsin. With her diploma in hand, she moved to the CWHL where she won two Clarkson Cups before playing in the PWHPA. Let’s find out more about these players!


Which room in your house is your favourite and why? 

Keenan: The kitchen because I love to cook and eat. 

Turnbull: I would have to say the kitchen or living room. I love cooking, but I also love being a couch potato.


What is your favourite flavour/colour of Gatorade?  

Keenan: Orange. 

Turnbull: Unpopular opinion, but I love purple Gatorade! 


What is your dream destination or favourite place to travel? 

Keenan: I’d love to travel to Italy! 

Turnbull: I’ve been to Italy, and I would love to go back, but right now Spain, Portugal and Montenegro are on my travel radar.


What is the best piece of advice you’ve received and who was it from? 

Keenan: My parents have always told me to follow your passion and control what you can control. 

Turnbull: Going into Olympic centralization for the 2018 games, the coaching staff advised me to consistently work with a mental performance coach and it completely changed my hockey career for the better! Aside from that, Cassie Campbell-Pascall is someone who always sends good pieces of advice along and recently she’s been reminding me to ‘enjoy it!’  


What is your favourite board game or video game?  

Keenan: Ticket to Ride.    

Turnbull: Bananagrams, and if you want more details ask Emma Maltais.