By: PWHL Toronto Media
March 16, 2024


At first glance, you might think all that Renata Fast and Hannah Miller have in common is that they are PWHL Toronto teammates, but both competed in the NCAA’s ECAC division, the CWHL, World Championships and the Olympic Winter Games!  


Burlington, ON’s Fast ventured to Clarkson University, where her time in college overlapped with Miller, from North Vancouver, BC, for two seasons as the Golden Knights and St. Lawrence University’s Saints faced off in the ECAC. Fast then went on to play for the Toronto Furies of the CWHL for two full seasons. Miller would join for the league’s final season as a member of the KRS Vanke Rays. At the senior level internationally, Miller represented China at the 2022 Olympics and D1B World Championships. While representing Canada, Fast has participated in five World Championships and two Olympic Games. Let’s get to know them more! 


What’s your stick flex, and what tape colour do you use and why? 

Fast: 55 stick flex and black tape. No particular reason, just the tape colour I have always used!  

Miller: 55-60 flex.  Black or white— I like to switch things up depending on how it’s going. 


Which room in your house is your favourite and why? 

Fast: The kitchen – I enjoy food, cooking and always love a kitchen party around the island with friends or family! 

Miller: Our family room by the fireplace. Love to sip morning coffee there and spend time with loved ones and my dog!  


What is your favourite flavour of Gatorade? 

Fast: Blue Gatorade!  

Miller: Purple.  


Do you have any pets (can be previous)? What are their names and breeds/colours?  

Fast: My family has a Coton de Tulear (small white dog). Her name is Heidi!   

Miller: I have a deaf rescue pup from California. Her name is Pebbles, she’s white with some spots and an eye patch! Check out her Instagram @pebsthepibble 


What series are you currently bingeing?  

Fast: Break Point or really any sport docu-series. 

Miller: I’m actually not watching something new right now, so I’ve been re-watching The Office lots, it’s one of my all-time favourites. And I’m patiently waiting for season three of The Bear. “Yes, CHEF!” 


Bonus question: 

Who is your favourite roommate you’ve had over your career so far? 

Fast: That’s tough – I’ve had so many great roommates while on the road with various teams, but I have to go with Savannah Harmon during my Junior and Senior years at Clarkson University! 

Miller: I’ve had lots of great roommates, but I have to go with Rachel Llanes. She was my roomie during my time spent overseas. Lots of incredible memories and, honestly, I gained so much knowledge from her – how to be a pro and take care of your body and mind.